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We are the key to your content’s payment systems. We help produce, distribute, and monetize your content.

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Who are we?

Run your media and content businesses effortlessly with Harrington Digital Marketing Corp., a media content production and distribution company for all your digital content transactions. Design your membership packages, offer different subscription bundles, and secure transactions with the most convenient payment options - all while skipping the hassle of setting up your own technical and e-commerce backbone.

Our Services

Easy Payment and Billing Schemes

With our multiple payment options and convenient end-to-end processes, all recurring, one-time, pay-per-view, or special subscription billings will become hassle and worry-free for both your business and your customers

Secure Global Online Payments

No need to worry about payment security! Secure transactions with customers from across the globe and have immediate access to global coverage in countries all over the world

Designed just for you!

Eliminate the complexity with our user-friendly payment schemes that are designed to cater to your content needs. Avail these technologies and services through our trained experts, and success is just around the corner!


Our whitelabel solutions paired with our years of expertise in the payments industry allow you to manage intellectual ownership of your content, set-up different packages for your customers to choose from, and ensure a reasonable share in revenue. Pay-per-view, one-time premium subscriptions, or recurring billings - you can have these payment options without the need to spend money on developing tools and solutions that we’ve already created for you. Focus on your business’ core competencies and let us handle the rest.

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